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Silicon crystal mesh

Silicon crystal mesh uses glass fiber alkali-free twist-free roving as the main raw material, and its composition is divided into silicon oxide and inorganic materials. It has good chemical stability, high strength and good wear resistance, and has good wear resistance and cold resistance.

Performance Characteristics of silicon crystal mesh:

1. Strong pulling force: the strong pulling force of silicon crystal mesh is higher than that of ordinary steel wire mesh, which can protect the ground and avoid cracking phenomenon.

2.Material selection natural ore: silicon crystal mesh is made of quartz melting wire drawing, which is not easy to corrode. At the same time, avoid scratches and corrosion of pipelines, which can replace steel wire mesh.

3.Free cropping, convenient construction: free cropping, clear grid, convenient area calculation, convenient construction.

Product parameters

Product name: floor heating silicon crystal mesh
Material: quartz sand grid
Distance: 5cm * 5cm
Specification: 1m * 10m/Roll (1m * 100m/roll)
Note: electric floor heating laying under the heating cable, water and ground heating laying coil

Silicon crystal mesh application:

Silicon crystal net is widely used in floor heating installation, wall reinforcement, exterior wall insulation, roof waterproof and other aspects, and can also be applied to cement, plastic, asphalt, marble, mosaic and other wall materials reinforcement
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