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Fiberglass Woven Roving

Product Description:

●Glass woven rovings are bidirectional fabric made by direct rovings in plain weave pattern.

●Compatible with unsaturated polyester,vinylresin ,epoxy resin.

●Applicable for hand lay-up, winding and compress molding process,Suitable for manufacturing tank,boat,automobile

parts and other FRP products.


●Consistent thickness and excellent surface treatment.

●Rapid impregnating and good compatibility with resin.

●Uniform tension,high dimensional stability and making handing easy.

●Good mechanical properties and high strength of parts.

Packaging & Storage:

Eech roll is packed by polyester bag,and then put into a

cardboard box or plastic wowen bag. The weight of each

roll is between 20 to 85 kg. The rolls are to be horizontally

placed and could be in bulk or on pallet. Optimum storage

conditions are between the temperature of 5~35℃ and with

the humidity between 35%~65%. The product should be

used within 12 months from the time of delivery and remain in

theiroriginal packaging until just prior to use.


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