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List of Honours and Intellectual Property Rights

I. National Honours:

1. State-level high-tech enterprises

2. State-level small and medium-sized science and technology enterprises

II. Honors at Shandong level:

1. Shandong gazelle benchmarking enterprises

2. Shandong Province's "One Enterprise One Technology" Innovative Enterprises

3. Leading Enterprises in New Materials Industry Cluster of Intelligent Industry Cluster in Shandong Province

4. Small and Medium-sized Technological Enterprises in Shandong Province

III. Tai'an Municipal Honours:

1. Technological Small and Medium-sized Enterprises at Tai'an City Level

2. Tai'an City Introduces Foreign Demonstration Bases of Intellectual Achievements

3. Tai'an "One Enterprise One Technology" R&D Center

4. Advanced Electronic Commerce Enterprises in Tai'an City

IV. Patent and software copyright:

One invention patent, nine utility models and five computer software copyrights

V. Trademarks:

Dageng, Shouyue, Shouyue, Dageng,

VI. Intellectual property rights - proprietary technology:

1. Warp-knitted grille manufacturing technology

2. Manufacturing Technology of Plastic Grid

3. Manufacturing Technology of Steel-Plastic Grid

4. Manufacturing Technology of PP Welded Grid

5. Geotextile Manufacturing Technology

6. Manufacturing Technology of Composite Geomembrane

7. Manufacturing Technology of Geomembrane and Waterproof Plate

VII. CE Security Certification in Europe: (Pass for Products to Enter Europe)

1. European CE Safety Certification of Glass Fiber Warp-knitted Grilles

2. European CE Security Certification of Composite Glass Fiber Grid

3. European CE Safety Certification for Plastic Grilles

4. European CE Safety Certification for PP Welded Grilles

5. European CE Safety Certification of Filament Geotextile

6. European CE Safety Certification of Geotechnical Cell

VIII. Safety Certification of National Coal Mine with Mining Grid: (Pass for Products Entering Mining Industry)

1. Warp-knitted grille national coal mine safety certification (mutual help and false roof)

2. National Coal Mine Safety Certification of Plastic Grid (Mutual Help and False Roof)

3. National Coal Mine Safety Certification of Steel-Plastic Grid (Mutual Help and False Roof)

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