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Xiangshi Expressway

Xiangshi Expressway is the first section of the Hankou Shiyan Expressway in stages. It is also an important part of the Wuhan-Yinchuan Expressway, a major development corridor in Western China. It connects Xiangyang City, a major town in northern Hubei Province, with Shiyan City, a major town in northwestern Hubei Province.

Approved budget investment is 5.818 billion yuan. Highway construction standards in mountainous and hilly areas and plain hilly areas are adopted respectively. The design speed is 80 km/h and 100 km/h, two-way four-lane, asphalt concrete pavement and side by side.

A complete communication, monitoring, toll collection system and maintenance, management and safety facilities have been set up. There are 25.98 million cubic meters of earth and rock in the whole line, 70 bridges and super-large bridges with 30,000 Yan meters, 3 tunnels and 9 interchanges.

Xiangshi Expressway is the first expressway in mountainous and hilly areas in our province, and it is also the first time that double arch technology is used in tunnel construction. For the first time, anti-slide piles, pre-stressed anchor cables and other technologies are used to comprehensively control highway geological disasters. For the first time, large-scale environmental protection projects are integrated with engineering protection and ecological protection. For the first time, color induction, seismic warning and sound screen drop are implemented on the whole line. Noisy highway projects.

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