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Wushao Expressway

At 9:16 on May 26, 2007, Fujian Wushao Highway declared that it had officially broken ground. This means that another artery engine to promote the rapid economic and social development in the green hinterland of Haixi - the beginning of the construction phase of Wushao Expressway Project.

As a pilot project of the Ministry of Communications, Wushao Expressway is also a new attempt. Party committees, governments and municipal departments at all levels along the line should cooperate fully to build the Wushao Expressway into a high-quality project, a clean government project, a harmonious project and a people's satisfaction project. With the goal of building an average Expressway every year, we should form a 3-4 hour high-speed transportation network covering all of Nanping and centering on the north of Fujian to Fuzhou, Nanchang, Wenzhou, Hangzhou and Ningbo as soon as possible, break through the traffic bottleneck that restricts the north of Fujian and improve the development speed of the north of Fujian.

The project is invested and constructed by Fujian Highway Development Co., Ltd. (Zhongshui Group Holdings, Nanping Municipal Government funded), and Zhongshui Group Road and Bridge Engineering Co., Ltd. is the general contractor for the design and construction of the project. Its completion closely links Wuyishan Shuangshi Heritage, Shaowu Pingping Ancient Town, Tianchengqi Gorge and Taining Dajinhu World Geopark.

It will play a very important role in enhancing exchanges between northern Fujian and developed coastal areas and promoting the development of regional economy and tourism.

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