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Beijing Zhuhai Expressway

As the main traffic artery between North and south of China, the traffic volume of Guangdong, Hunan and Hubei sections of Beijing-Zhuhai Expressway has far exceeded the design standard.

The design capacity of Hunan and Guangdong sections of Beijing-Zhuhai Expressway is 20,000 vehicles per day, but in 2007, the daily traffic reached more than 40,000 units, which makes Beijing-Zhuhai Expressway overwhelming.

Especially after the 2008 ice and snow disaster, in order to alleviate the traffic congestion of the North-South Corridor, Hubei and Hunan took the lead in building the Beijing-Zhuhai high-speed double-track construction banner. Hubei section is Suiyue (Suizhou-Yueyang) expressway. In 2010, the whole line of Suiyue expressway is connected to Hubei section. The Jingyue Yangtze River Bridge connecting Yueyang was opened on November 28, 2010.

The construction of Yueyang-Xiangtan-Hengyang-Chenzhou in Hunan has started in 2008. Construction has also started in Guangdong, Henan and Hebei sections.

In the middle of the G4 Beijing-Zhuhai Expressway and the Taiao Expressway, an artery will emerge that runs through the north and south.

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