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Xiangshi Expressway EGA50-50   1.4 million㎡
EGA80-80   0.8 million㎡
Quzhou-Changzhou Railway Project PET80-80   1.5 million㎡
TGSG35   1.4 million㎡
Kunyu Expressway TGSG30-30  0.9 million㎡
PET80-80   0.9 million㎡
PET50-50   0.8 million㎡
Shuinan Expressway in Nanning, Guangxi TGSG35    1 million㎡
Wushao Expressway TGSG30-30  0.9 million㎡
Qionglai-Mingshan Expressway in Sichuan Province TGSG20-35  1 million㎡
Highway Engineering in Ethiopia TGSG30-30  0.9 million㎡
Construction of Qatar Luxe Project TGSG20-20  1.5 million㎡
Port-to-Port Highway Project in India TGDG80    1.4 million㎡
PET30-30   2.4 million㎡
Jinan-Qingdao Expressway PET50-50   2.1 million㎡
TGDG80    0.8 million㎡
Beijing Zhuhai Expressway EGA30-30   1 million㎡
EGA50-50  0.7 million㎡
Beijing Fuzhou Expressway PET30-30   0.9 million㎡
Zhou Shen Expressway PET30-30   1.4 million㎡
Beijing Shanghai Expressway TGDG80    0.7 million㎡
Guangzhou-Shenzhen-Hong Kong Railway (China Railway Bureau 21) TGDG80    1 million㎡
Beijing-Tianjin-Tanggu Expressway EGA50-50   0.7 million㎡
Ningxi Railway PET80-80   1 million㎡
Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region (Zhangji Railway) PET50-50   0.6 million㎡
Yinchuan (Taizhong-Yinchuan Railway) PET80-80   0.9 million㎡
Wuhan (2 # Road Project of Jiangxia Avenue) PET80-80   1.5 million㎡
Kunming, Yunnan (Kunqu Expressway) EGA50-50   0.5 million㎡
Xinjiang Kuibei Railway PET30-30    2 million㎡
Qinghai-Tibet Railway PET80-80    0.5 million㎡
Qingyin Expressway EGA50-50    0.8 million㎡
Xin Nan Expressway EGA50-50    0.5 million㎡

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