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Patent certificate
We got ISO9001 certificate and CE certiticate for most of our products.
In modern times, patents are generally issued by government organs or regional organizations representing several countries on the basis of applications. Such documents record the content of inventions and creations, and in a certain period of time produce a legal state that inventions and creations obtained patents can only be implemented by others with the permission of the patentee.
Production equipment
We have 22 geogrid production lines.
Our annual production capacity is 90 million square meters.
We have 13 sets of German advanced Karl Mayer machinery, axial textile machines (MALIMO) and textile machines of Dornier.
We also master the coating technology of Menzel Company.
Technical information
Our annual production capacity is 90 million square meters.

Shandong Dageng Project Material Co.,Ltd(Shandong Dageng Fiberglass Co., Ltd.) is a professional Hi-Tech enterprise which is engaged in the geosynthetics and production of earthwork composition materials, with the monthly production capacity of 6000 tons of new compound materials.