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After-sale service
Our company has established close relationships with many famous colleges and institutes.
Dageng's perfect on-site quality control procedures, professional quality control departments, professional quality inspectors carry out monitoring and testing 24 hours a day to ensure that our products reach the national first-class standards, so that every square product is a high-quality product.
In order to ensure the smooth progress of the supplier's project and meet the design requirements of the materials used, our company solemnly undertakes the following after-sales service:
Quality assurance
We got ISO9001 certificate and CE certiticate for most of our products.
Our company guarantees that the cargo will be transported to the designated locations of the construction bidding sections within 36 hours by automobile, so as to ensure the normal construction of the construction units.
  • Organizational Supply Programme

    The company's sufficient liquidity will ensure that the raw materials required for production are ready one week in advance.

    Production and testing equipment Our company routinely inspects every other week or every production gap, finds problems and repairs them in time to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.

    In staffing, our company intends to send a special person to be responsible for the organization and supply of the goods tendered.

  • Transportation and Sales Services Programme

    If quality problems are found in the products supplied by our company during use, our company will send project managers and professional technicians to the site within a specified time to get information and extract samples. After provincial or higher quality supervision departments confirm that the products are not qualified, you have the right to confiscate our performance bond, and we will bear the responsibility for the resulting production.

  • Emergency Plan

    In order to ensure the quality and quantity of the supply according to the requirements of the demander, and to prevent accidents in the near future, our company has formulated the following emergency plans:

    1. Prepare adequate product inventory first.

    2. If there is any problem in the course of transportation, our company will immediately send another vehicle for transportation.

Service team
We have about 300 staff members, including 30 senior professionals.
At present, our annual income is RMB1.2 billion and the tax profits are RMB8 million. We have about 300 staff members, including 30 senior professionals.
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