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Why is the steel-plastic geogrid so

The special performance of steel-plastic geogrid in road construction is incomparable to any other geotechnical material. Its application makes the road constructed have longer service life. So, why can steel-plastic geogrids perform so well in engineering, because they have knives and guns, or something else? The following edition will take you to explore:

Because the steel-plastic geogrid is composed of high density polyethylene, it will not be eroded by acid, alkali, salt solution or oil at room temperature, and will not be damaged by water dissolution or microorganisms. At the same time, the polymer properties of polyethylene are enough to resist the aging caused by ultraviolet radiation. The longitudinal and transverse ribs of geogrids act synergistically after being subjected to force, and there will be no cracking or breakage of the joints. In practical engineering, after compaction of filler, it is not corroded by ultraviolet light and oxygen, and can completely meet the requirements of permanent engineering construction. In addition, the engineering practice proves that the deformation of reinforced embankment with geogrid is more uniform than that of non-reinforced embankment. Even in the freeze-thaw environment in the alpine region, the reinforced slope protection structure can meet the requirements of slope stability.

There is no doubt that steel-plastic geogrids play an important role in the construction of various projects. Practice has proved that the project with its participation, regardless of the age or quality, is far beyond the same period of the project, and the cost of the project is low, which is well recognized by users.

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