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Steel-plastic geogrids play an interlocking role in soil

1. The tension of steel-plastic composite geogrid is borne by high strength steel wire woven by warp and weft, which produces extremely high tensile modulus under low strain capacity. The longitudinal and transverse ribs play a synergistic role to give full play to the interlocking effect of the geogrid on soil.

2. The steel wire of the longitudinal and transverse ribs of the steel-plastic composite geogrid is woven into a net in warp and weft, and the outer wrapping layer is formed once. The steel wire can coordinate with the outer wrapping layer and the elongation of the damage is very low (no more than 3%). The main stress unit of steel-plastic composite geogrid is steel wire, and its creep is very low.

3. Through the treatment of plastic surface in the production process, the rough patterns are pressed to enhance the roughness of the grille surface and improve the friction coefficient between the steel-plastic composite geogrid and the soil.

4. The width of the steel-plastic composite grille can reach 6m, which achieves high efficiency and economic reinforcement effect.

5. The high density polyethylene (HDPE) used in the steel-plastic composite geogrid can ensure that it will not be eroded by acid-alkali or salt solution or oil at room temperature, and will not be damaged by water dissolution or microorganisms. At the same time, the polymer properties of polyethylene are enough to resist the aging caused by ultraviolet radiation. The longitudinal and transverse ribs cooperate with each other after the grille is loaded, and the joint will not be cracked or damaged. In practical engineering, after compaction of filler, it is not corroded by ultraviolet light and oxygen, so it can completely meet the requirements of permanent engineering construction.

The engineering application fields of steel-plastic geogrid include soft soil foundation reinforcement of highway, railway, abutment, approach, wharf, dam, slag yard, anti-crack engineering of retaining wall and pavement, etc.

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