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Application scope and characteristics of geocell

Dageng Geotechnical Cell is a new type of high-strength geosynthetics popular at home and abroad. It is a three-dimensional grid cell structure formed by high-strength ultrasonic welding of HDPE sheets according to GB/T 19274-2003 standard. It can be flexible, foldable in transportation, stretched into a network during construction, expanded into a honeycomb-like three-dimensional grid, filled with loose materials such as soil, gravel, concrete and so on, forming a structure with strong lateral restriction and large stiffness.


1. Used to stabilize railway roadbed;

2. Used to stabilize highway roadbed;

3. Embankments and retaining walls used to bear load;

4. For shallow river regulation;

5. Supporting pipes and sewers;

6. Hybrid retaining wall used to prevent landslide from being loaded by gravity.

7. Used for independent walls, wharfs, breakwaters, etc.

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